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My Recordings (and links to music samples)

These titles and recordings, and many more besides, are still available on Amazon and sometimes on Ebay. CD's, MP3's and even vinyl are available in many cases. An online search for 'Allan Schiller' will bring up many options to choose from.

Schubert: Piano Works for Four Hands, Vol. 5 By Franz Schubert (Composer), Allan Schiller and John Humphreys (Piano)
Schubert: Piano Works for Four Hands, Vol. 5 By Franz Schubert (Composer), Allan Schiller & John Humphreys (Piano) (2007-12-31)

Richard Baker's Favourite Piano Music
Richard Baker's Favourite Piano Music
Track Listings:
1. Songs without Words Op19 no3 in A - Mendelssohn
2. Songs without Words Op10 no 4 in A - Mendelssohn
3. Songs without Words Op19 no2 in C minor - Mendelssohn
4. Impromptu in Eb D899 no 2 - Schubert
5. Impromptu in Bb D935 no3 - Schubert
6. Andante Spinato no22 then Grande Polonaise Brillante - Chopin
7. Valse Melancolique - Grieg
8. Butterfly - Grieg
9. Little Troll - Grieg
10. Pavane pour une Infante defunte -Ravel
11. Improvisation no10 in F (Eloge des Grammes) - Poulenc
12. Improvisation no11 in Gminor - Poulenc
13. Improvisation no12 in Eb (Homage a Schubert) - Poulenc
14. Le Coucou - Daquin
15. Children's Corner Suite - Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum - Debussy
16. Children's Corner Suite - Jimbo's Lullaby - Debussy
17. Children's Corner Suite - Serenade for the Doll - Debussy
18. Children's Corner Suite - The Snow is Dancing - Debussy
19. Children's Corner Suite - The Little Shepherd - Debussy
20. Children's Corner Suite

Product Description: Allan Schiller plays a selection of popular classical piano music, including 3 of the Mendelssohn Songs Without Words, 2 Schubert Impromptus, the Chopin Grande Polonaise Brillante, Debussy's Children's Corner featuring the Golliwog's Cakewalk plus pieces by Grieg, Poulenc, Ravel and Daquin. Total playing time is a generous 73minutes and 50 seconds.

Classic Piano Dreams by Allan Schiller
Possibly only available as a used CD.

Piano Moods and Seasons
Track Listings:
1. Automne - Chaminade
2. November (The Seasons) - Tchaikowsky
3. December (The Seasons) - Tchaikowsky
4. Rustle of Spring - Sinding
5. Moonlight Sonata (First Movement) Beethoven
6. Fur Elise - Beethoven
7. Impromptu in Gb - Schubert
8. Impromptu in A flat - Schubert
9. Rosemary - Bridge
10. Little Bird (Lyric Pieces) - Grieg
11. Melody (Lyric Pieces) - Grieg
12. Peasants' March (Lyric Pieces) -Grieg
13. Sevilla (Suite Espagnole) - Albeniz
14. Cadiz (Suite Espagnole) - Albeniz
15. Aragon (Suite Espagnol) - Albeni
16. Nocturne Op9 No2 - Chopin
17. Scherzo in B minor - Chopin

Product Description: Allan Schiller plays piano favourites reflecting the changing seasons including works by Chopin, Tchaikowsky, Beethoven and Grieg. This CD is a mix of the world's best-loved tunes plus a few personal choices of Allan Schiller. The music includes Für Elise and the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata possibly amongst the best known piano pieces of all time together with a whole range of tracks reflecting the many moods of the piano and the changing seasons. There are 17 tracks in all with a running time of just over 72 minutes.
Soloist Allan Schiller is renowned for his vocal style of piano playing which coaxes the sound from the keyboard in the style of Chopin and Beethoven, rather than hitting it in the modern style. He has made many recordings, and this is his second release for Upbeat Classics, following the success of Richard Baker's Favourite Piano Music.

Instrumental Works by Allan Schiller
Instrumental Works by Allan Schiller.
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Track Listings:
SCHUMANN Kinderszenen
1. Of foreign lands and peoples
2. A strange story
3. Catch me if you can
4. A pleading child
5. Quite content
6. An important event
7. Dreaming
Recorded at St.Martins's Church, Salisbury
I'm playing Schumann, Mozart and Beethoven.

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8. By the fireside
9. Knight of the hobby-horse
10. Almost too serious
11. Frightening
12. A child falling asleep
13. The poet speaks
MOZART Sonata in A minor K. 310
14. Allegro maestoso
15. Andante cantabile
16. Presto
BEETHOVEN Sonata in C "Waldstein"
17. Allegro con brio
18. Adagio Molto
19. Rondo

Music Made Me by Allan Schiller


Due to the CoronaVirus lockdown, and the cancellation of all my concerts and bookings this year (where I sell a lot of my books "Music Made Me"), I find myself with more stock than I anticipated.

So I have decided to offer them on Ebay at £5 a copy, plus P&P.

Please visit my eBay shop page and purchase from there.

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To purchase a copy of my book, please send your name, address, cheque (£13 per copy, including postage in the UK), and, if you want your book signed or dedicated to someone else, also include relevant details with your letter.

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Mr A. Schiller, 14 Lilymead Avenue, Knowle, Bristol. BS4 2BX

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